Flooring Wooden Floor

The Process

When refinishing a floor we first will seal the room or house airtight with plastic so as to minimize dust. We then sand the floor down to bare wood, filling all cracks and nail holes and getting the floor as smooth as glass. When that’s completed we clean and vacuum your home and apply 1st layer of oil based woodline polyurethane and let it sit overnight. The next day we return we screen and vacuum floor and apply 2nd layer of polyurethane again letting it sit overnight.
This process is repeated for the 3rd coat where you then decide which type of finish you would like to use. The choices are High Gloss, Semi Gloss and Satin which a matte finish. We like to use two coats of gloss followed by one top coat of satin which gives a beautiful finish.
The process is the same for Latex based polyurethane except that we can apply two coats per day with a total of 5 coats. Latex polyurethane drys to give a lghter or blonder look to your floor.